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Fig. 4

From: Influence of antibiotic treatment on the detection of S. aureus in whole blood following pathogen enrichment

Fig. 4

Influence of mechanical lysis on the viability and recovery of S. aureus DNA after pathogen enrichment. a S. aureus was mechanically lysed using zirconium beads and spiked into human whole blood as described in Materials and Methods. Culture confirmed the absence of viable bacteria after 5 min of lysis. Fragmentation of bacteria was confirmed by scanning electron microscopy. b Lysed S. aureus was spiked into whole blood, and DNA was quantified after pathogen enrichment as described in Materials and Methods. DNA recovery increased in parallel with pathogen disintegration. Data are given as mean ± standard deviation (n = 3; Friedman repeated measures and Dunnett’s Method). Scale bar, 5 μm

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