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Fig. 6

From: The conserved actinobacterial transcriptional regulator FtsR controls expression of ftsZ and further target genes and influences growth and cell division in Corynebacterium glutamicum

Fig. 6

Putative FtsR binding sites in the ftsZ promoters of various actinobacteria. a Proposed FtsR binding sites in the ftsZ promoters of several actinobacterial species identified by sequence alignment with the FtsR binding site in the C. glutamicum ftsZ promoter. The respective ftsZ locus tags are given on the right. The proposed binding motifs are shown as colored letters. The annotated start codons of the FtsZ proteins are indicated by bold letters. The distance between the proposed FtsR binding site and the start codon varies from 41 to 193 bp. b Consensus DNA-binding motif generated by MEME from the sequences shown in a using default parameters

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