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Table 2 Antimicrobial resistance profiles, presence of resistance genes and ISEcp1 in AmpC beta-lactamase positive E. coli strains

From: Characterization of CMY-2-type beta-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli isolated from chicken carcasses and human infection in a city of South Brazil

StrainsAntimicrobial resistance profile to non beta-lactamsBetalactamase genesNon beta-lactam resistance genesISEcp1
Chicken carcass
 23ECtet, gen, nal, sutblaCMY-2tetA, tetB, sulI, sulII+
 30Ctet, gen, clo, nal, cip, nor, enr, sutblaCMY-2tetB, sulI, sulII+
 30TEtet, nal, sutblaCMY-2tetA, tetB, sulI, sulII+
 32.2 Atet, nal, sutblaCMY-2tetA, tetB, sulI, sulII+
 33.3tet, nit, nal, cip, enrblaCMY-2tetA, tetB, sulI, sulII+
 33.5tet, nal, cip, nor, enr, sutblaCMY-2tetA, tetB, sulI, sulII
 43.5tet, gen, clo, nit, sutblaCMY-2tetA, sulI, sulII
 44.2 Atet, nal, sutblaCMY-2tetA, sulI+
Human samples
 U79167tet, nal, cip, nor, enr, sutblaCMY-2; blaTEM-1tetA+
 U7895tet, nal, cip, nor, enr, sutblaCMY-2tetA
 T746tet, nal, cip, nor, enr, sutblaCMY-2; blaTEM-1tetB
 U7772tet, gen, nal,cip, nor, enr, sutblaCMY-2tetB+
 S8293tet, nit, nal, nor, enrblaCMY-2tetB, sulII+
 S4474nal, cip, nor, enrblaCMY-2+
  1. tetracycline (tet), gentamicin (gen), chloramphenicol (clo), nitrofurantoin (nit), nalidixic acid (nal), ciprofloxacin (cip), norfloxacin (nor), enrofloxacin (enr), trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (sut)
  2. (+) Presence
  3. (−) Absence