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Table 1 List of strains used for the extraction of the DNAs used to constitute the mock communities

From: rpoB, a promising marker for analyzing the diversity of bacterial communities by amplicon sequencing

 Taxonomic assignment based on Sanger sequencing of
Strain namePhylumThe entire 16S rRNA gene1The V3 V4 region2,3The rpoB region2,3
F1γ-ProteobacteriaX. nematophilaXenorhabdusX. nematophila
TT01 P. luminescensPhotorhabdusP. luminescens
TUR03–22 S. liquefaciensSerratiaS. liquefaciens
SW4 P. protegensPseudomonasP. protegens
SK39-ApoA P. chlororaphisPseudomonasP. chlororaphis
SW5 P. putidaPseudomonasP. putida
B163 S. maltophiliaStenotrophomonasS. maltophilia
FR211A Acinetobacter sp.AcinetobacterAcinetobacter
SCβ-ProteobacteriaA. faecalisAlcaligenesA. faecalis
SK39-ApoC AchromobacterAchromobacterAchromobacter
MW8A4 Delftia sp.DelftiaD. acidovorans
BS3–2-1 Variovorax sp.VariovoraxV. paradoxus
173 Acidovorax sp.AcidovoraxAcidovorax sp
Sphingoά-ProteobacteriaSphingomonas sp.SphingomonasSphingomonas
TCH07-Apo2–4 Brevundimonas sp.BrevundimonasB. diminuta
SW2 O. anthropiBrucellacaeO. anthropi
FR211CBacteroidetesSphingobacterium sp.SphingobacteriumSphingobacterium
SK72–2FimicutesPaenibacillus sp.PaenibacillusPaenibacillus
SG4 E. mundtiiEnterococcusE. mundtii
  1. 1 based on NCBI Blast taxonomic assignment
  2. 2 based on RDP Classifier assignment (bootstrap confidence = 0.9)
  3. 3gene fragments used for metabarcoding analyses