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Fig. 1

From: rpoB, a promising marker for analyzing the diversity of bacterial communities by amplicon sequencing

Fig. 1

Impact of the metabarcode markers on OTU taxonomic affiliations. Histogram showing the percentage of OTU affiliations at different taxonomic ranks (x-axis) for rpoB and 16S Illumina-amplicon sequencing for (a) the 15 mock community samples (five mock communities and 3 replicates per mock community) (b) the microbiota of the nematode Steinernema glaseri SK39 (four replicates). Gray, green, blue and red histogram bars correspond to the taxonomic ranks of order (and higher levels), family, genus and species, respectively. The total number of OTUs observed after sequence analysis via the FROGS pipeline was included in the analysis. The Expected_rpoB and Expected_16S lanes correspond to the taxonomic affiliations determined by Sanger sequencing of each of the taxa making up the mock communities

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