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Fig. 3

From: Effects of an over-the-counter lactic-acid containing intra-vaginal douching product on the vaginal microbiota

Fig. 3

Chronological (from left to right) representation of microbial species (y-axis) of vaginal samples from 8 participants whose VM represent the different types of VM patterns that were observed in this study; VH01: stably L. crispatus-dominated VM; VH17: stably L. iners-dominated VM; VH03: stably Diverse Lactobaclli; VH09: stably Diverse anaerobes; VH09: temporal microbial shifts associated with menses; VH20, VH07 and VH11: long-lasting microbial shifts. Additional file 3 for heatmaps of all 25 participants. Microbial relative abundance is illustrated by the colour key. The sidebars above the heatmap depict self-reported vaginal intercourse (top bar), menstruation (middle bar) and intra-vaginal douching 1 h prior to sampling (bottom bar)

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