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Fig. 2

From: Detection of pathogenic Escherichia coli on potentially contaminated beef carcasses using cassette PCR and conventional PCR

Fig. 2

Melt curve analysis data of the cassette for: four carcass swab samples; (a) a STEC positive; (b) positive for eae and stx1 only; (c) positive for stx2 only; (d) a STEC negative; and for (e) the negative control (water); (f) the positive control of the cassette; and (g) shows agarose gel images with the conventional PCR products of the same samples used in (a), (b), (c), and (d), as well as the controls used in (e) and (f). The ladder is GeneRuler 1kb Plus DNA ladder (Themo Scientific, Carlsbad, USA)

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