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Fig. 6

From: Taxonomic features and comparisons of the gut microbiome from two edible fungus-farming termites (Macrotermes falciger; M. natalensis) harvested in the Vhembe district of Limpopo, South Africa

Fig. 6

Maximum likelihood tree of Spirochaetes sequences. Spirochaetes OTUs from the Vhembe termite gut microbiome data cluster with other representative Spirochaetes and Treponema sequences from environmental and termite sources. Spirochaetes OTUs from human (Hadza and Shuar) gut microbiome data form a subcluster with non-pathogenic Treponema isolated from swine separate from a larger cluster of pathogenic Treponema pathogens. Taxa are colored as follows: red - pathogenic Treponema; purple - non-pathogenic Treponema; green - environmental Treponema; blue - Treponema species associated with termite gut; gray - Spirochaetes OTUs derived from human (Hadza and Shuar) gut microbiomes; turquoise - Spirochaetes OTUs derived from Vhembe termite gut microbiomes (this study)

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