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Table 8 Nod and Nod + gene of R. cellulosilyticum strain R3

From: Genomic insights into plant growth promoting rhizobia capable of enhancing soybean germination under drought stress

Genome ID Accession Annotation Feature Type Start End Length Strand FIGfam ID PATRIC genus-specific families (PLfams) PATRIC cross-genus families (PGfams) AA Length Gene Symbol Product
379,345 379.345.con.0001 PATRIC CDS 344702 346915 2214 +    PGF_00038653 737   Protein translocase subunit SecD / Protein translocase subunit SecF
379,345 379.345.con.0004 PATRIC CDS 209310 212468 3159    PGF_00055361 1052   Swarming motility protein SwrC