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Table 1 Evaluation of fungal diversity for six banana soil samples from the three banana farms

From: Deciphering microbial diversity associated with Fusarium wilt-diseased and disease-free banana rhizosphere soil

Soil samples ACE Shannon Chao1 Simpson
HB 417.33 (37.072)ab 3.07 (0.47)b 422.01(52.47)ab 0.132 (0.0569)ab
HJ 342.33 (4.73)c 3.08 (0.35)b 360.15 (18.02)b 0.1982 (0.0759)a
NB 353.00 (14.80)bc 3.09 (0.08)b 399.46 (8.01)ab 0.0962 (0.0183)ab
NJ 221.33 (5.03)d 3.45 (0.49)ab 221.92 (4.74)c 0.0746 (0.0100)ab
XB 450.33 (75.66)a 4.01 (0.03)a 450.56 (75.51)a 0.042 (0.0022)b
XJ 395.33 (33.65)abc 3.06 (0.77)b 395.66 (37.46)ab 0.1726 (0.1361)ab
  1. Note: HB, NB, HJ, NJ, XJ and XB are described in Fig. 1. Values are means followed by a standard error in the brackets. Each experiment was repeated for three times. The letter in the column represents a significant difference (Tukey HSD test, p < 0.05)