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Fig. 6

From: Deciphering microbial diversity associated with Fusarium wilt-diseased and disease-free banana rhizosphere soil

Fig. 6

Analysis of abundance differences between the diseased soil samples and the disease-free soil samples at the bacterial genus. a richness differences of bacterial genus; b richness differences of bacterial phylum; c richness differences of fungal genus; d richness differences of fungal phylum. The y-axis represents the classification levels of species, and the x-axis represents the percentage values of species abundance in each sample. The blue and red columns represent the average results in the diseased and disease-free soil samples, respectively. Significant differences were showed according to the Wilcoxon rank-sum test (*: 0.01 < P < =0.05, **: 0.001 < P < =0.01, ***: P < =0.001)

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