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Fig. 1

From: Divergent methylation of CRISPR repeats and cas genes in a subtype I-D CRISPR-Cas-system

Fig. 1

Distribution and bisulfite analysis of the methylation status of GGCC motifs on the plasmid pSYSA. a Frequency of detecting methylated GGm4CC motifs at the give percentage range in panel (B). b GGCC methylation sites are plotted as blue triangles (forward strand) and red triangles (reverse strand) along a linear plot of the pSYSA sequence. In the Synechocystis 6803 reference strain pSYSA is 103,307 nt long [51]. The bisulfite-measured percentage of methylation is plotted along the Y axis. c Average measured GG4mCC methylation. For the underlying data, the cross in the box represents the mean (42.5%) and the line close to the cross shows the median (41.2%). The box itself contains 50% of the data (25% quartile – 75% quartile), while the whiskers are 1.5 of the interquartile range (IQR). Data points above the upper whisker as well as data points below the bottom whisker are outliers. d The GGCC-free region from positions 3537 to 14,544 is enlarged. The gene identifiers are given in italics and the encoded proteins above and below the respective genes. The CRISPR1 region begins with gene sll7009 und finishes with the repeat-spacer region. This figure is a visualization of the results obtained in this work using standard software (Microsoft Excel 2016 and Microsoft Power Point 2016)

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