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Table 1 The extracellular QS-associated virulence factors activity of A. hydrophila YJ-1 cultured with Bacillus sp. QSI-1

From: Effect of quorum-quenching bacterium Bacillus sp. QSI-1 on protein profiles and extracellular enzymatic activities of Aeromonas hydrophila YJ-1

Groups Diameter of the zone (mm)
Hemolysin Lipase Protease
A. hydrophila 12.83 ± 0.64 10.17 ± 0.40 17.53 ± 0.87
A. hydrophila + Bacillus sp. 7.63 ± 0.90 16.70 ± 0.56 9.83 ± 0.71
P-value 0.00124 0.00008 0.00029
  1. The diameter of the zone (mm) as a result of QS-associated virulence factors of the supernatant from A. hydrophila YJ-1 in mono- and co-culture with B. subtilis QSI-1 at 24 h after incubation, respectively, is shown. The experiments were conducted at least three times, and the data are expressed as mean values and standard deviation