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Table 1 Highlighted unique proteins identified in the DRBD2-mRNP complex. Unique proteins identified only in the TAP-tagged DRBD2 IP assay and not in the control. TriTrypDB ID and protein description: identification number and T. cruzi protein description from TriTryp database. Signal: sum of PatternLab’s normalized label-free quantitation derived from the extracted ion chromatograms - XIC; T. brucei protein description: the corresponding protein description of T. brucei from TriTrypDB

From: Unveiling the partners of the DRBD2-mRNP complex, an RBP in Trypanosoma cruzi and ortholog to the yeast SR-protein Gbp2

TriTrypDB ID Signal Protein description from TriTrypDB T. brucei protein description
Tc00.1047053511817.180 0,008204787 Histone H2A  
Tc00.1047053510755.120 0,00780386 RNA-binding protein DRBD2
Tc00.1047053511727.290 0,000890944 RNA-binding protein NRBD1
Tc00.1047053510359.270 0,000837085 Mitochondrial RNA-binding protein 2  
Tc00.1047053510877.40 0,000762341 Uncharacterized protein ALBA3
Tc00.1047053510877.30 0,000749083 Uncharacterized protein ALBA4
Tc00.1047053506649.80 0,000495344 RNA-binding protein DRBD3
Tc00.1047053504001.10 0,000476768 Uncharacterized protein ALBA1
Tc00.1047053511285.120 0,000428502 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Hel67
Tc00.1047053508895.60 0,000322697 RNA-binding protein ZC3H40
Tc00.1047053511367.220 0,000274944 Uncharacterized protein Ntf2-like
Tc00.1047053507093.229 0,000221601 U-rich RNA-binding protein UBP-2 UBP2
Tc00.1047053507093.220 0,000164223 RNA-binding protein UBP1