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Fig. 4

From: Unveiling the partners of the DRBD2-mRNP complex, an RBP in Trypanosoma cruzi and ortholog to the yeast SR-protein Gbp2

Fig. 4

DRBD2 immunoprecipitation assay. a SDS-PAGE stained by silver nitrate of the eluted fractions of (1) the TAP-tagged control and (2) TAP-tagged DRBD2 IP assays. b Detection by western blotting of (1) TAP-tagged control and (2) TAP-tagged DRBD2 in the eluted fractions of the IP assays. Protein detection is indicated in boxes. TAP-tagged DRBD2 (52 kDa) and the TAP-tagged control (21 kDa) were detected by primary rabbit anti-protein A antibody (1:40,000 dilution). Bound antibodies were detected by the alkaline phosphatase method. M: PageRuler prestained Protein Ladder (Thermo Fisher Scientific). The additional protein bands detected in the membrane, at approximately 55 kDa, refer to the IgG chains from the magnetic beads used in the IP assay

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