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Fig. 3

From: Heterogeneous development of methanogens and the correlation with bacteria in the rumen and cecum of sika deer (Cervus nippon) during early life suggest different ecology relevance

Fig. 3

The methanogen community structure and composition in the rumen of sika deer at three time points. a The methanogen composition at species level in the rumen at days 1, 42 and 70. PCoA results based on unweighted unifrac distance (b), weighted distance (c) and bray-curtis distance (d), and the within-, and between- group distance based on bray-curtis distance (e). Canonical correlation analysis (f) and heat-map (g) showing the significant methanogens in the rumen across three time points. Black circles indicate the representative taxon at each time points. The letter b indicates significant differences between day 42 and day 70. Mmc. = Methanomassiliicoccaceae; Mbb. = Methanobrevibacter. The asterisk means the unclassified methanogens at the family or genus level. R = Rumen

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