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Fig. 4

From: Long-read based de novo assembly of low-complexity metagenome samples results in finished genomes and reveals insights into strain diversity and an active phage system

Fig. 4

Resolution of two distantly related L. helveticus strains in NWC_2. a Assembly graph from Bandage [39] colored according to high (green) or low (blue) coverage contigs as well as genomic regions that occur in both strains (red) before genome polishing. The numbers correspond to the respective contigs visualized in b). b Coverage plot of the individual contigs. c Abundance of L. helveticus sequence types based on slpH sequence typing. d L. helveticus abundance based on PacBio coverage. e PacBio reads spanning the initial contig gaps after polishing of L. helveticus NWC_2_3 and f L. helveticus NWC_2_4. g Synteny plot of L. helveticus NWC_2_3 and NWC_2_4 with the number of core and unique genes. Regions of similarity are indicated by red (same orientation) and blue (opposite orientation) bars

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