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Fig. 3

From: Changes in the gut microbiome and fermentation products concurrent with enhanced longevity in acarbose-treated mice

Fig. 3

Abundance of dominant OTUs. Relative abundance of the 16S rRNA gene from two OTUs classified as belonging to the family Muribaculaceae, abundant in ACA-treated mice. Points in each panel correspond with samples collected from individual mice at each of three replicate study sites. Samples were obtained from mice fed either the control diet (blue, labeled ‘-’) or the same diet supplemented with ACA (gold, labeled ‘+’). Markers indicate the sex of the mouse: male (triangle) or female (circle). The number of samples illustrated in each panel is described in Table. 1. Boxes span the interquartile range and the internal line indicates the median. (*: P<0.05, **: P<0.001 by Mann-Whitney U test)

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