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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Carbohydrate metabolic systems present on genomic islands are lost and gained in Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Bacterial strains Genotype or description References or sources
Vibrio parahaemolyticus
 RIMD2210633 O3:K6 clinical isolate, Smr [8]
 Δeda1 RIMD2210633 Δeda1 (VP0065), Smr This study
 UCM-V493 O2:K28 environmental isolate, Smr [53]
 Δsglt UCM-V493 Δsglt (VPUCM_0844), Smr This study
 RIMDpSGLT RIMD2210633 harboring pBBRsglt, Cmr This study
Escherichia coli
 BW25113 Wild-Type E. coli K12 strain [54]
 DH5αλpir   Laboratory collection
 B2155λpir ΔdapA::emr pir, for bacterial conjugation Laboratory collection
Klebsilla pneumoniae K2   Laboratory collection
Vibrio cholerae N16961 O1 El Tor, Smr [55]
 pJet1.2/blunt Cloning vector/Ampr Fermentas
 Pjet1.2-edA1SOEAD pJet1.2 harboring truncated eda1, Ampr This study
 pDS132 Suicide plasmid, Cmr, SacB [56]
 pDSΔeda1 pDS132 harboring truncated eda1, Cmr This study
 Pjet1.2-sgltSOEAD pJet1.2 harboring truncated sglt, Ampr This study
 Pjet1.2-sglt pJet1.2 harboring sglt, Ampr This study
 pDSΔsglt pDS132 harboring truncated sglt, Cmr This study
 pBBR1MCS Expression vector, lacZ promoter, Cmr [57]
 pBBRsglt pBBR1MCS harboring full-length sglt, Cmr This study