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Fig. 1

From: Carbohydrate metabolic systems present on genomic islands are lost and gained in Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Fig. 1

d-galactose utilization gene cluster. a. Comparative genomic analysis of the d-galactose catabolism and transport region from RIMD2210633, UCM-V493, V. cholerae N16961 and E. coli MG1655. Gray shade, region of nucleotide homology. b. d-galactose utilization pathway showing enzymes and open reading frames (ORFs) designations in RIMD2210633 and UCM-V493. c. RIMD2210633 (open circles) and UCM-V493 (open squares) were grown aerobically at 37 °C for 48 h in M9 + 10 mM d-galactose. d. Growth analysis of RIMD2210633, UCM-V493 and RIMDpSGLT (the sglt gene (ORF VPUCM_0844) was cloned into RIMD2210633) in M9 + 10 mM d-galactose after 24 h. e. Growth analysis of UCM-V493 and Δsglt at 37 °C in M9 + 10 mM d-galactose

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