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Table 1 Nucleotide sequence accession numbers

From: Identification, genotyping, and pathogenicity of Trichosporon spp. Isolated from Giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

Strain Molecular Identification IGS1 blast ITS GenBank Accession Number D1/D2 GenBank Accession Number IGS1 GenBank Accession Number
JYZ3252 T. laibachii T. laibachii KX302021 MG708435 MG708464
JYZ921 T. laibachii T. laibachii KX034345 MG708441 MG708470
JYZ321 T. laibachii T. laibachii KX302022 MG708433 MG708462
JYZ912 T. laibachii T. laibachii KX034344 MG708439 MG708468
JYZ1291 T. gracile T. gracile KX302008 MG708454 MG708483
JYZ1253 T. brassicae T. brassicae KX302047 MG708450 MG708479
JYZ983 T. domesticum T. domesticum KX034390 MG708444 MG708473
JYZ1221 T. guehoae Trichosporon sp. KX302031 MG708445 MG708474
JYZ1224 T. guehoae Trichosporon sp. KX302081 MG708447 MG708476
JYZ915 T. guehoae Trichosporon sp. KX034350 MG708440 MG708469
JYZ1251 T. asteroides T. asteroides KX302012 MG708448 MG708477
JYZ1281 T. asteroides T. asteroides KX302074 MG708453 MG708482
JYZ371 T. asteroides T. asteroides KX302060 MG708437 MG708466
JYZ1255 T. asteroides T. asteroides KX302051 MG708451 MG708480
JYZ951 T. asteroides T. asteroides KX034347 MG708443 MG708472
JYZA10 T. jirovecii T. jirovecii MG857660 MG708460 MG708489
JYZA5 T. jirovecii T. jirovecii MG857657 MG708457 MG708486
JYZA7 T. jirovecii T. jirovecii MG857658 MG708458 MG708487
JYZA9 T. jirovecii T. jirovecii MG857659 MG708459 MG708488
JYZA12 T. jirovecii T. jirovecii MG857661 MG708461 MG708490
JYZ030202 T. cutaneum T. cutaneum MG857656 MG708456 MG708485
JYZ1223 T. shinodae no result KX302045 MG708446 MG708475
JYZ1261 T. middelhovenii no result KX302046 MG708452 MG708481
JYZ1252 T. middelhovenii no result KX302043 MG708449 MG708478
JYZ12922 T. middelhovenii no result KX302044 MG708455 MG708484
JYZ932 T. moniliiforme T. moniliiforme KX034371 MG708442 MG708471
JYZ331 T. moniliiforme T. moniliiforme KX302017 MG708436 MG708465
JYZ372 T. moniliiforme T. moniliiforme KX302067 MG708438 MG708467
JYZ323 T. moniliiforme T. moniliiforme KX302018 MG708434 MG708463
  1. Note: Twenty-nine isolates of Trichosporon spp. were identified as belonging to 11 species, namely, T. laibachii (4 isolates), T. gracile (1 isolate), T. brassicae (1 isolate), T. domesticum (1 isolate), T. guehoae (3 isolates), T. asteroides (5 isolates), T. jirovecii (5 isolates), T. cutaneum (1 isolate), T. shinodae (1 isolate),
  2. T. middelhovenii (3 isolates), and T. moniliiforme (4 isolates). T. jirovecii and T. asteroides were the commonest species, each of which accounted for 17% (5/29) of the isolates