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Table 1 Investigation of the susceptibility to phage BrSP1

From: Characterization of a bacteriophage with broad host range against strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from domestic animals

Isolate 1 Undiluted phage 2 Diluted phage 3
SWSM01 Not clear
SWSM02 Not clear
SWSM03 Not clear
SWSM04 Not clear
ATCC 27853 Clear Plaques
CAPE01 Clear Plaques
CAPE02 Clear Plaques
BOIJ01 Clear Plaques
BOIJ02 Clear Plaques
CASM01 Not clear
CASM02 Turbid
CASM03 Turbid Plaques
CASM04 Not clear
CASM05 Clear Plaques
CASM06 Clear Plaques
BOJC01 Clear Plaques
EQSM01 Clear Plaques
EQSM02 Clear Plaques
CASM07 Clear Plaques
BOSV01 Turbid
BOIJ03 Clear Plaques
BOCA01 Clear Plaques
CASM08 Not clear
CASM09 Not clear
BOPS01 Clear
BOSJ01 Clear Plaques
BOCP01 Not clear
BOCP02 Not clear
CASM10 Clear Plaques
BOSM01 Turbid Plaques
ROSM01 Not clear
CASM11 Turbid Plaques
CASM12 Not clear
SWSM05 Not clear
BOSJ02 Clear Plaques
CASP01 Clear
CASM13 Turbid
Lfar01 4 Clear Plaques
  1. 1Additional file 2: Table S2 shows the origins of the isolates
  2. 2Spot test done with undiluted phage stock (approximately 4.5 × 105 PFU). Results were evaluated as “Not clear” when no inhibition zone was observed; “Clear” when complete clearing was observed; “Turbid” when the inhibition zone was mostly turbid
  3. 3Spot test done with diluted phage stock (up to 106 dilution). The formation of individual lysis plaques is indicated
  4. 4Strain Lfar01 was used as a control