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Fig. 4

From: Biological and transcriptomic studies reveal hfq is required for swimming, biofilm formation and stress response in Xanthomonas axonpodis pv. citri

Fig. 4

hfq mutations impair resistance to H2O2 and pH in Xanthomonas axonpodis pv. citri. Xac29–1, Xac29–1Δhfq and Xac29–1Δhfq-C, were grown on nutrient broth (NB) agar plates with 0 mM H2O2, 0.001 mM H2O2, or 0.01 mM H2O2 (a) and with pH 5.0, pH 7.0, or pH 9.0 (b). Three replicates for each treatment were used, and the experiment was repeated three times.

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