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Table 5 List of 16S rRNA

From: Genomic analysis of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strain SO-1977 from Sudan

Strain Accession no. Seq match
S. aureus L37597.1 1
S. aureus MPU99 AB353073.1 1
S. aureus SA1 AB305019.1 1
S. aureus ATCC 14458 DQ997837.1 1
S. aureus subsp. anaerobius DSM 20714 AY688031.1 1
S. aureus K16–13 AY859409.1 1
S. aureus1 AY144447.1 1
  1. aSeq match score, the number of (unique) 7-base oligomers shared between your sequence and a given RDP sequence divided by the lowest number of unique oligos in either of the two sequences