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Table 2 Summary of bacterial virulence factors detected in the transcriptome and in the proteome during infection of macrophages

From: Burkholderia thailandensis strain E555 is a surrogate for the investigation of Burkholderia pseudomallei replication and survival in macrophages

Groups Description Total number of genes Number of virulence factors Virulence factors in
proportion of the total known virulence factors in B. thailandensis E555 (302) proportion of the genes detected in the group (column 3)
A Significantly up-regulated in the transcriptome 396 47 15.6% 11.9%
B Significantly up-regulated in the proteome 109 16 5.3% 14.7%
A + B All genes in Groups A and B 456 52 17.2% 11.4%
A = B Common genes in Groups A and B 49 11 3.6% 22.4%
  1. See the lists of genes in each group in the Additional file 9: Table S7