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Table 1 Parameter values for the aerotactic band formation model

From: Modeling aerotaxis band formation in Azospirillum brasilense

Parameter Description Value
B o Total bacteria concentration 7×108 cells/ml
C o Oxygen concentration at the meniscus 21%
D Oxygen Diffusion coefficient 2×103μm2/s
K Bacteria oxygen consumption rate 4×10−9μM ml/s cell
v Swimming speed 20 μm/s
F m a x, b a n d maximum reversal frequency inside the band 0.96/s
F max maximum reversal frequency outside of band 0.65/s
F min minimum reversal frequency 0.35/s
\(\widehat {C}_{max}\) Upper detectable oxygen concentration 10%
C max Upper favorable oxygen concentration 2%
C min Lower favorable oxygen concentration 0.3%
\(\widehat {C}_{min}\) Lower detectable oxygen concentration 0.01%
S Length of the capillary 5 mm