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Table 2 Ciprofloxacin (CIP) and norfloxacin (NOR) susceptibility data for the 22 GC strains with details of GyrA, ParC, MtrR and PorB amino acid substitutions, and mtrR promoter mutation

From: gyrA and parC mutations in fluoroquinolone-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates from Kenya

Isolate ID MIC(mg/L) Mutations
Gyr A Par C MtrR A13deletion PorB
  CIP NOR S91 D95 E91 A39 G45 H105 A121 G120 N122
KNY_NGAMR1 0.38 1.5 F G         
KNY_NGAMR2 0.016a 0.094      D   A deleted   D  
KNY_NGAMR3 3 6 F G G T       
KNY_NGAMR4 0.006a 0.023     T     S   K
KNY_NGAMR5 4 6 F G G    Y     
KNY_NGAMR6 12 12 F G G T       
KNY_NGAMR7 8 12 F G G      S   K
KNY_NGAMR8 3 6 F A   T       
KNY_NGAMR9 12 0.24 F A G T       
KNY_NGAMR10 8 12 F G G T       
KNY_NGAMR11 3 8 F A   T       
KNY_NGAMR13 3 12 F A   T       
KNY_NGAMR14 16 24 F G G T     S   K
KNY_NGAMR15 4 16 F A   T       
KNY_NGAMR16 8 6 F G G T       
KNY_NGAMR17 6 12 F G G    Y     
KNY_NGAMR18 0.38 0.047 F G G T       
KNY_NGAMR19 4 8 F G G T       
KNY_NGAMR20 8 12 F A G T       
KNY_NGAMR21 3 8 F A   T       
KNY_NGAMR22 4 12 F G G T       
KNY_NGAMR23 12 12 F A G T       
  1. GyrA S91F and D95G/A amino acid substitutions were found in 20 ciprofloxacin resistant isolates. Of the 20 isolates, 14 had an additional ParC E91G substitution. Two ciprofloxacin susceptible isolates lacked the QRDR mutations associated with fluoroquinolone resistance
  2. a-ciprofloxacin susceptible