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Table 3 Genes involved in bacterial virulence

From: Transposon mutagenesis and identification of mutated genes in growth-delayed Edwardsiella ictaluri

Mutant Locus Number of hits Lowest E-value Protein Location
Eis041 NT01EI_0943 250 0 esaC Outer Membrane
Eis110 NT01EI_1332 91 0 eseL Extracellular
Eis171 NT01EI_3723 22 0 Magnesium-translocating P-type ATPase Cytoplasmic Membrane
Eis192 NT01EI_3147 10 0 Hypothetical protein Unknown
Eis037 NT01EI_2355 192 9.13E-144 eseJ Extracellular
Eis038 NT01EI_1334 267 3.95E-121 eseM Extracellular
Eis001 NT01EI_1281 6 1.97E-95 NAD-dependent malic enzyme (NAD-ME) Cytoplasmic
Eis195 NT01EI_0376 5 8.13E-87 Anaerobic C4-dicarboxylate transporter DcuA Cytoplasmic Membrane
Eis173 NT01EI_3265 221 8.89E-61 Acyltransferase/AMP-dependent synthetase and ligase protein family Cytoplasmic Membrane
Eis185 NT01EI_3386 5 1.74E-56 TRAP transporter DctM subunit Cytoplasmic Membrane
Eis107 NT01EI_0475 11 2.34E-56 DEAD box containing helicase Cytoplasmic
Eis230 NT01EI_3769 250 1.16E-46 Phosphoglycerate transporter family protein Cytoplasmic Membrane
Eis028 NT01EI_0277 8 4.26E-43 Transposase, IS4 family protein Unknown
Eis175 NT01EI_3774 34 6.93E-41 IS1 transposase Unknown
Eis184 NT01EI_0419 8 2.71E-40 RNA methyltransferase TrmH family, group 3 Cytoplasmic
Eis176 NT01EI_0962 144 9.04E-38 esaT Cytoplasmic Membrane
Eis157 NT01EI_0144 250 4.66E-29 Twin-arginine translocation protein subunit TatB Cytoplasmic Membrane
Eis068 NT01EI_0448 2 4.13E-26 Polyprenyl synthetase Cytoplasmic
Eis155 NT01EI_0725 9 4.05E-12 Transcriptional regulator FruR Cytoplasmic
Eis086 NT01EI_1237 4 9.61E-12 N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase AmiA Unknown
Eis006 NT01EI_0085 40 9.81E-12 ATP-dependent DNA helicase Rep Cytoplasmic
Eis235 NT01EI_3289 20 2.44E-10 Diaminopimelate decarboxylase Cytoplasmic
Eis055 NT01EI_2314 22 7.18E-08 Prophage lambda integrase Cytoplasmic
Eis207 NT01EI_1817 59 1.13E-07 Spermidine/putrescine transport system permease protein PotB Cytoplasmic Membrane
Eis080 NT01EI_0981 10 1.52E-06 Hypothetical protein Cytoplasmic
Eis222 NT01EI_0768 44 1.67E-06 Hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase Cytoplasmic
Eis018 NT01EI_0377 4 1.96E-06 Aspartate ammonia-lyase Cytoplasmic
Eis011 NT01EI_3690 9 2.98E-04 ABC transporter, periplasmic amino acid binding protein Periplasmic
Eis131 NT01EI_2157 21 9.55E-03 Hypothetical protein Unknown
Eis223 NT01EI_1086 16 9.91E-03 Extracellular solute-binding protein, family 5 Unknown