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Fig. 6

From: A genomic analysis of Mycobacterium immunogenum strain CD11_6 and its potential role in the activation of T cells against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Fig. 6

Immunization with Mi augments the pool of CD44hi, CD62Llo and CD127hi expressing memory CD4 T cells. Lymphocytes isolated from the lungs of mice immunized with Mi and infected with Mtb were cultured in vitro with PPD. The control group of mice were inoculated with BCG. The cells were then monitored for the expression of activation markers (a) CD62LhiCD44hi; (b) CD62LloCD44hi; (c) CD127hi on CD4 T cells by flow cytometry. Increase in the percentage of CD62LhiCD44hi, CD62LloCD44hi and CD127hi is depicted as flow cytometry histograms (left panel) and bar diagram (right panel). The data are representative of pooled lymphocytes of 4–5 mice/group obtained from triplicate wells. *p < 0.05, ***p < 0.0005

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