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Table 3 The agreement between LAMP assay and two standard PCRs (PCR with F3/B3 LAMP primers and PCR with species-specific primers)

From: The application of the loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) method for diagnosing Enterococcus hirae-associated endocarditis outbreaks in chickens

Combination of tests AC1
LAMP vs. PCR with F3/B3 LAMP primersa 95.4% (86.1–100%)
LAMP vs. PCR with species-specific primersb 84.4% (68.0–100%)
PCR with F3/B3 LAMP primers vs. PCR with species-specific primers 89.1% (74.7–100%)
  1. AC1: the first-order agreement coefficient
  2. aLAMP primers from this study
  3. bPrimers from Jackson et al. 2004