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Fig. 3

From: Sensitive and immunogen-specific serological detection of Rodentibacter pneumotropicus infections in mice

Fig. 3

SDS-PAGE and corresponding blots of protein and LPS preparations. a) SDS-PAGE of cytosolic (Cyt), sodium N-laurylsarcosinate (SLS)-soluble membrane (inner membrane, IM), SLS-insoluble membrane (outer membrane, OM) preparations, and the OM preparation digested with Proteinase K (OM + Prot. K). Proteins were stained with Oriole. Gel areas cut out to identify the proteins by mass spectrometry (MS) are indicated by rectangles. b) Immunoblots probed with sera obtained from C57BL/6 and BALB/c mice experimentally infected with R. pneumotropicus ([+]) and an uninfected BALB/c mouse (control [−]) c) SDS-PAGE of the LPS preparation stained with Pro-Q Emerald (Glyco) or Coomassie (Protein) and the corresponding immunoblot using serum of an infected C57BL/6 mouse (Immuno). Molecular weights (kDa) of the marker proteins are indicated left

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