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Fig. 6

From: Ability of the So-Called Obligate Hydrocarbonoclastic Bacteria to Utilize Nonhydrocarbon Substrates Thus Enhancing Their Activities Despite their Misleading Name

Fig. 6

Effects of nonhydrocarbon substrates on oil-consumption values and numbers of bacterial cells. Open columns, flasks containing oil only (controls); closed columns, flasks containing oil and one nonhydrocarbon substrate. Error bars represent the standard error based on three measurements. I, A. borkumensis/peptone; II, A. jadensis/peptone; III, A. xenomutans/pyruvic acid; IV, A. xenomutans/lactic acid; V, A. xenomutans/sucrose; VI, M. hydrocarbonoclaticus/glutamic acid; VII, M. vinifirmus/mannose

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