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Fig. 2

From: Ability of the So-Called Obligate Hydrocarbonoclastic Bacteria to Utilize Nonhydrocarbon Substrates Thus Enhancing Their Activities Despite their Misleading Name

Fig. 2

Growth of eight “OHCB” and related strains from the Arabian Gulf on various substrates as sole sources of carbon and energy. The substrate concentration was 500 mg l− 1. Incubation was for 12 d at 30 °C. Each reading is the mean of 3 replicates. In several cases the growth on nonhydrocarbon substrates was even better than on typical hydrocarbon substrates and Tween 80. Error bars represent the standard error based on the three measurements

Substrates: a, crude oil; b, n-octadecane; c, phenanthrene; d, Tween 80; e, stearyl alcohol; f, oleic acid; 1,glucose; 2, mannose; 3, sucrose; 4, starch; 5, glycerol; 6, peptone; 7, glutamic acid; 8, pyruvic acid; 9, lactic acid; 10, citric acid

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