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Fig. 3

From: Lactobacillus mucosae DPC 6426 as a bile-modifying and immunomodulatory microbe

Fig. 3

Deconjugation Profile of Porcine and Murine Bile Supplemented Culture Media Incubated with Lactobacillus mucosae DPC 6426 or a Bile Salt Hydrolase Active Lactobacillus reuteri. Principal component analysis (PCA) plots of bile deconjugation profiles of the two most active bile salt hydrolase strains in this study, Lb. mucosae DPC 6426 and Lb. reuteri APC 2587, are compared against untreated bile (a and b, respectively) and each other (C). Porcine (d) and murine (e) bile supplemented MRS bile acid profiles untreated (black), following overnight incubation with Lb. reuteri APC 2587 (dark red) or Lb. mucosae DPC 6426 (light red). Data are divided into primary bile acids (pBA), secondary bile acids (sBA), tauro-conjugated bile acids (TcBA) and glyco-conjugated bile acids (GcBA). Data were considered statistically significant when p < 0.05 (*) and plots depict replicates with mean and SEM

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