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Table 2 Similarity of DT (A) and DtxR (B) sequences within and between clades

From: NGS-based phylogeny of diphtheria-related pathogenicity factors in different Corynebacterium spp. implies species-specific virulence transmission

  1. Similarity percentages within and between identified DT (A) and DtxR (B) clades are shown and color-coded for high (green: > 99%), intermediate (yellow: 93 - ≤ 99%) and low (red: < 93%) similarity. Values after exclusion of samples are indicated with bold italics: i) After exclusion of C. diphtheriae isolates KL0276 and AVV70486. ii) After exclusion of C. diphtheriae belfanti isolate KL0479 and C. ulcerans isolate KL0349