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Fig. 2

From: Gut microbiome patterns correlate with higher postoperative complication rates after pancreatic surgery

Fig. 2

Microbial structure of the gut microbiome in the different microbial communities. a Microbial composition of the different microbial communities are represented at the phylum level on the left side and at the operational taxonomic unit (OTU) level on the right side. Only the 35 most abundant OTUs are represented. The remaining microbiota are included in the group “other”. b Microbial composition visualised by principal coordinate analysis (PCoA). Different colours correspond to the distinct microbial communities, where blue represents community A, red is community B and yellow is community C. Shapes correspond to the complication status, with circles representing no complication and triangles representing complications. Correlated clinical parameters and alpha-diversity indices are indicated by crosses. c Alluvial graph showing the evolution of the patients’ microbiome from the pre- to the post-operative period (group allocation based on colonisation with community B at least once during the distinct timespan) and association to the complication status

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