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Fig. 2

From: Single stranded (ss)RNA-mediated antiviral response against infectious laryngotracheitis virus infection

Fig. 2

The effect of in ovo treated resiquimod on ILTV shedding post-hatch. a SPF eggs were in ovo treated with resiquimod (n = 6) or PBS (n = 6) at ED18, the eggs were incubated to hatch and infected with ILTV intra-tracheally at D1 post-hatch. Chicken oropharyngeal and cloacal swabs were collected and ILTV genome loads were determined. ILTV genome loads at 4 dpi a in oropharyngeal and b cloacal swabs, and at 7 dpi c in oropharyngeal and d cloacal swabs

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