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Table 1 Antimicrobial gene clusters present in B. velezensis 9D-6

From: Characterization and complete genome analysis of the surfactin-producing, plant-protecting bacterium Bacillus velezensis 9D-6

Predicted product Enzyme complex Genome location
Bacilysin   174,243–215,661
Surfactin (cyclic lipopeptide) nrps 820,469–885,876
Ladderane   1,177,384–1,218,583
Butirosin t2pks 1,451,008–1,492,252
Terpene   1,575,053–1,595,793
Lantipeptide   1,714,976–1,743,864
Macrolactin (polyketide) transatpks 1,893,381–1,979,274
Bacillaene (polyketide) transatpks; nrps 2,209,276–2,311,962
Fengycin (bacteriocin) transatpks; nrps 2,364,456–2,489,567
Terpene   2,517,434–2,539,317
Unknown t3pks 2,602,290–2,643,390
Difficidin (polyketide) transatpks 2,801,002–2,901,455
Bacillibactin (bacteriocin) nrps 3,562,018–3,628,825