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Fig. 3

From: Characterization and complete genome analysis of the surfactin-producing, plant-protecting bacterium Bacillus velezensis 9D-6

Fig. 3

Majority-rule consensus tree of rpo genes rooted with B. subtilis subtilis 168 as the outgroup. Bayesian clade credibility values are indicated at nodes. GenBank acession numbers are listed in brackets: B. subtilis subtilis strain 168 (CP01 0052), B. velezensis strains 9912D (CP017775), 9D-6 (CP020805), AS43.3 (CP003838), B25 (LN999829), CAU B946 (HE617159), CBMB205 (CP011937 and CP014838), CC09 (CP015443), D2–2 (CP014990), G341 (CP011686), GH1–13(CP019040), JJ-D34 (CP011346), JS25R (CP009679), JTYP2 (CP020375), LS69 (CP015911), M75 (CP016395), NAU-B3 (HG514499), NJN-6 (CP007165), S3–1 (CP016371), SB1216 (CP015417), SQR9 (CP006890), SYBC H47 (NZ_CP017747), sx01604 (CP018007), TrigoCor1448 (CP007244), UCMB5033 (HG328253), UCMB5036 (HF563562), UCMB5113 (HG328254), YAU B9601-Y2 (HE774679), YJ11–1-4 (CP011347)

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