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Table 2 An overview of tetracycline-resistance elements from the guts of G. mellonella

From: Oxytetracycline reduces the diversity of tetracycline-resistance genes in the Galleria mellonella gut microbiome

  Tetracycline-resistance gene isolated from G. mellonella guts
Generation 1 2 3 4 5
Oxytetracycline dose
0 tetB, tetC tetB, tetC tetB, tetC, tet30 tetB, tetD tetb, tetD, tetL
1 mg/100 g tetB tetB, tetD tetB, tetD tetB, tetD tetB, tetD
10 mg/100 g tetB, tetD tetB, tetD tetB, tet30
100 mg/100 g tetB Degraded gDNA No tet genes
400 mg/100 g tetD No tet genes No tet genes
  1. There were no samples available to assess for groups of larvae with high mortality (−). For the third generation of larvae feeding on 100 mg/100 g food we were able to collect the gut sample, but only degraded DNA was present, probably due to shearing