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Fig. 4

From: Rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing and β-lactam-induced cell morphology changes of Gram-negative biological threat pathogens by optical screening

Fig. 4

Growth kinetics of wild-type B. pseudomallei and B. mallei strains. Resistant (R) B. pseudomallei 1651 (a) and susceptible (S) strains B. pseudomallei ATCC 23343 (b), B. mallei NCTC 10260 (c) and B. mallei Turkey 5 (d) were evaluated over 12 h at 35 °C in broth containing 16 μg/ml CAZ and in broth alone. Optical screen images (e) were taken after 8 h in broth alone and in broth containing 16 μg/ml CAZ, 32 μg/ml CAZ and 16/8 μg/ml AMC for B. pseudomallei strains and in 16 μg/ml CAZ and 32 μg/ml CAZ for B. mallei strains

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