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Table 5 Growth Kinetics of α-Amylase Production by Mutant Derivative of Super Koji (A. oryzae cmc1) in 10L Fermenter Grown under Submerged Condition on Soluble Starch (2% w/v) at 30 °C

From: Random mutagenesis of super Koji (Aspergillus oryzae): improvement in production and thermal stability of α-amylases for maltose syrup production

Strain α-Amylase (U dl-1) Protein (mg dl-1) Cell mass (g dl-1) μ (h-1) td (h) Yp/x (U g-1) qp (U g-1 h-1)
Parent Koji 3181 1.297 21.4 0.08 8.66 149 11.89
Mutant-100(6) 4004 1.627 8.3 0.069 10.05 482 33.29
  1. Where: μ (Specific growth rate); td (Biomass doubling time) =ln2/μ, Yp/x = Product yield coefficient with respect to cell mass; qp (Specific rate of product formation) =Yp/x× μ