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Table 4 Strains and plasmids used in these studies

From: The possible molecular mechanisms of farnesol on the antifungal resistance of C. albicans biofilms: the regulation of CYR1 and PDE2

  Genotype and Description reference
C. albicans strains
 CAI4 ura3:: λimm434/ura3:: λimm434 Fonzi and Irwin (1993)
URA3 auxotrophic strain
 CAI4-pCaEXP ura3:: λimm434/ura3:: λimm434-(pCaEXP URA3) In this study
Wild strain transformed with pCaEXP used as a control of overexpression experiment  
 CYR1OE ura3:: λimm434/ura3:: λimm434-(CYR1-pCaEXP CYR1, URA3) In this study
CYR1-overexpressing strain  
 PDE2OE ura3:: λimm434/ura3:: λimm434-(PDE2-pCaEXP PDE2, URA3) In this study
PDE2-overexpressing strain  
 pCaEXP URA3 and MET3 promoter integrating plasmid R. S. Care et al. (1999)
CYR1-pCaEXP Constructed by integration of CYR1 In this study
PDE2-pCaEXP Constructed by integration of PDE2 In this study