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Table 5 Glycopeptide MICs of the MITC derivatives that had been introduced mutations in vanB gene cluster

From: Dissemination and genetic analysis of the stealthy vanB gene clusters of Enterococcus faecium clinical isolates in Japan

Strain MIC (mg/L)a
M1TC 3 1
M1TC vanSB _E124Ab 4 1
M1TC vanB_ V128Ab 3 1
M1TC vanW_ P92Tb 3 1
M1TC vanSB_ E124A/vanB_ V128Ab 8 1
M1TC vanSB_ E124A/vanW_ P92Tb 8 1
M1TC vanB_ V128A/vanW_ P92Tb 3 1
M1TC vanSB_ E124A/vanB_ V128A/vanW_ P92Tb 16 1
  1. aVAN, vancomycin; TEC, teicoplanin bThree unique substitutions for M1 and Y7
  2. 255 strains were exchanged to that of the reference gene of pMG2200 by pCJK47-used 256 homologous recombination