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Table 2 Single nucleotide variations found in the vanB. gene cluster of E. faecium M1 and Y7

From: Dissemination and genetic analysis of the stealthy vanB gene clusters of Enterococcus faecium clinical isolates in Japan

Gene Substitutionsb
BM4661a > M1/Y7
vanS B 371C > A (Ala124Glu)d
vanW 274A > C (Thr92Pro)d
vanW 392G > T (Ile131Ser)
vanB 335A > T (Glu112Val)
vanB 383C > T (Ala128Val)d
vanB 961A > G (Met321Val)
vanX B 267 T > C SMc
  1. aThe genetic information for BM4661 (accession no.; FJ767776.1) was obtained from the genome database in NCBI ( bThe nucleotide sequences of vanB gene clusters of M1 and Y7 strains were identical. The brackets indicate amino acid substitutions in vanB gene clusters. The numbers of substitutions represent the location of each gene and protein. cSM, synonymous mutation. dUnique substitutions for M1 and Y7 strains (Additional file 2-4: Figures S1–3)