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Table 2 List of primers used in this study and for detection of Mycobacterium smegmatis (NCIMB 8548), M. smegmatis environmental isolate (VS/02) and genomic DNA from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (ATCC®25177).

From: A rapid and sensitive system for recovery of nucleic acids from Mycobacteria sp. on archived glass slides

Primer Primer sequences (5′-3′) Gene Location Annealing temperature (°C) Sequence reference (GenBank accession number) Product sizes (bp) References
BMS 738aF GAC AAG TCC ACC GAG AAG AC rpoB 738–758 59 AY262735 U24494 593 Present study
BMS 1311aR ATC TGG TTC TGG ATC AGC TC rpoB 1311–1331 Present study
BnMS 949bf TGG AGA AGG ACA CCA CCT rpoB 949–967 59 AY262735 U24494 179 Present study
BnMS 1105br CAG CTT CTT GTT GAC CTT GT rpoB 1105–1125 Present study