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Fig. 3

From: A comprehensive fungi-specific 18S rRNA gene sequence primer toolkit suited for diverse research issues and sequencing platforms

Fig. 3

Comparison of three detection methods. Subsampled fungal communities were described by a eukaryote-specific primer (TAReuk454FWD1/TAReukREV3_modified), a fungi-specific primer (nu-SSU-1333-5′/nu-SSU-1647-3′ (FF390/FR-1)), and a metagenomics approach. Taxonomic composition as relative sequence abundance of sample a OSD36 and b OSD28. Colored shadows between bars show which proportion (approximated) the fungal sequences detected by the eukaryote-specific and metagenomics approach represent in the non-subsampled community of the fungi-specific approach. Others in a: Dothideomycetes, Sordariomycetes. Others in b: Eukaryote-specific approach: Agaricomycetes. Fungal approach: Arthoniomycetes, Lecanoromycetes, Pezizomycetes, Agaricomycetes

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