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Table 5 conserved domains search of the predicted small cysteine-rich secreted proteins (SCRSPs) against CDD database

From: Prediction of pathogenesis-related secreted proteins from Stemphylium lycopersici

Gene code Hit type Length Math site E-Value Accession Description of SCRSP
KNG51615.1 specific 156 28–151 8.60E-49 cd12798 alt_a1 major allergen
KNG51272.1 superfamily 138 38–137 2.27E-54 cl03937 polysaccharide lyase family 3 protein
KNG49607.1 specific 90 21–79 0.000154 pfam05730 hypothetical protein TW65_03780
KNG48427.1 specific 153 46–116 2.38E-05 pfam05730 hypothetical protein TW65_04690
KNG46663.1 specific 143 42–139 4.84E-43 cd00606 guanyl-specific ribonuclease f1
KNG46057.1 superfamily 170 73–155 4.97E-07 cl09109 snoal-like polyketide cyclase family protein
KNG45713.1 specific 147 6–128 5.00E-53 COG1956 gaf domain nucleotide-binding protein
KNG50949.1 specific 154 44–147 1.45E-36 cd00448 translation initiation inhibitor
KNG48201.1 superfamily 141 22–140 5.36E-65 cl06331 eliciting plant response protein
KNG47345.1 superfamily 160 24–153 5.19E-31 cl17157 major allergen alt
KNG47745.1 specific 36 51–86 1.75E-07 cd00118 hypothetical protein TW65_05484
KNG46314.1 specific 101 29–89 1.04E-20 pfam06766 hypothetical protein TW65_86951