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Fig. 1

From: Characterization of Streptococcus pluranimalium from a cattle with mastitis by whole genome sequencing and functional validation

Fig. 1

Genome map of S. pluranimalium TH11417. Map was established using the software Circos. The circular diagrams (rings from the outermost to the center): 1) prophages predicted (green), Ф11417.1 prophage carried the mef(A), msr(D) and lnu(C) genes; 2) genomic island (GI) (light red); 3) scale marks of the genome; 4) protein-coding genes on the forward stand; 5) protein-coding genes on the reverse strand; 6) tRNA (black) and rRNA genes on the forward strand; 7) tRNA (black) and rRNA genes on the reverse strand; 8) GC content; 9) GC skew. Protein-coding genes are color coded according to their Cluster of Orthologous Gene Categories (COG) categories [40]

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