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Fig. 2

From: In vivo competition and horizontal gene transfer among distinct Staphylococcus aureus lineages as major drivers for adaptational changes during long-term persistence in humans

Fig. 2

Comparison of mobile genomic elements of the isolates t012#00 and t021#02. The colored boxes on black horizontal lines (i. e. the chromosomes) represent the different mobile elements. Identical elements share the same color, are named accordingly, and are linked with a dashed line between the two isolates. Green bars flanking the mobile elements illustrate identical flanking genomic sequences in both isolates. Small insertions (In) and deletions (Del) in the pairwise comparison of the mobile elements are marked in the t021#02 isolate. Insertions within the shorter copy of SaPIn1 and the shortest copy of phage 112CMu50 are displayed in Fig. 3a and c, respectively. The deletions within SaPIn2 are shown in detail in Fig. 3b. The insertions within the longer copy of phage 112CMu50 are displayed in Fig. 3d

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